Bangkok and the UAE - 2009

Bangkok - November 2009

A true break from work, a true break from Munich. Sun and fun, my first trip to Asia in 2 1/2 years and it is fantastic. I love to the chaos, the attack on all the senses, the sights, the sounds, the smells. Wat Po for the reclining Buddha, Khao San Road for the backpacker scene and some memories. Jim Thompson House for some culture and the MBK for some shopping. A boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, a walk through China Town.

Siam Niramit

A world class spectacular performance of Thai art and cultural Heritage with amazing state of the art special effects. Travel back through time into the history and culture of the Kingdom of Siam. You will be amazed and captivated by journey back into History, journey beyond imagination and journey through joyous festivals. You can also find yourself at the Thai village where the unique architecture, music and costumes are revived. Not only can you see how Thailand delicate and ornate handicrafts are made, you can try to create them yourselves! So much for the sales blurb. But it was really good and well worth the trip a few stops out on the underground. Turn up early for the elephant rides, to take photos of the dancers and explore the traditional Thai Houses. Then the show. It's huge, flamboyant and fun. Lots of performers, costumes, the elephants, a bit of comedy and a great spectacle. All in all a great show.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai - December 2009

A few days in Abu Dhabi on the way back to Munich. Not really what I expected. Lots of big skyscapers but there are also lots of gardens. It's not as new and gleaming as I expected either. Add in an 80% expats community mainly Indians and Filipinos and it's a mixed up place. But because of all these things I enjoyed it more than expected, great to walk around both on the streets and in the gardens as well as the huge shopping malls. The one must do when in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is the Desert Safari. It's very touristy but a lot of fun. It starts at 16:00 and goes on untill 22.00. First up a visit to a camel farm where to 'socialize' with the camels. They seemed friendly enough but I kept my eye on them just in case.

Then off in a 4x4 for a blast over the sand dunes. We were really lucky, the whole car was up for some fun so our driver took us higher and wider or the corners, flew over the tops of the dunes and generally through the landcruiser all over the place. We ended up at a Beduin style camp for some camel rides, henna tattoos, smoking the nargile, Arabic BBQ and some belly dancing. A fun day out.