Hong Kong - 2003

13th September 2003 - London to Hong Kong

Due to the SARS or Bird Flu or whatever scare Cathay Pacific were doing some great deals for long weekends in Hong Kong. Paula was stupid enough to mention it to me and before she had time to Dim Sum I'd booked the holiday.

14th September 2003 - Hong Kong

The weather is September can be a bit iffy so we decided to make the most of a dry day and headed up to the peak for a great view across the island and over to Kowloon. Billed as the no.1 tourist attraction in HK and rightly so. The Peak Tram (funicular railway) is great hard to believe it's been running since1888. The views from the peak are amazing. The island skyline down below skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes. We took some photos and watched the boats in the harbour. From quite big ships through ferries to tiny junks zipping forwards and back.

15th September 2003 - Hong Kong

Today we took the Star Ferry cross to Kowloon, the bit of Hong Kong on mainland China. We started off up at the Flower Markets and wandered South through an area full of bird and goldfish shops. Stanley Market and Ladies Market some cheap stuff but far too much haggling for my liking. Just give me the best price, I pay it we're all happy.

In the evening there was a big firework display to celebrate something or other. But the storm that you can see in the picture really came in hard. It bucketed down. But the fireworks went ahead and we stood out in the rain to watch them anyway. Back to the hotel to dry out then we hit the Salsa Night in the hotel. Quite fun, mainly local Hong Kong Chinese, interesting seeing them let their hair down.

16th September 2003 - Hong Kong

Today it rained, really rained, not seen anything like it since my time in Brisbane. Raining stair rods, thank God there are so many covered walkways. Decided to see out the worst of it by going for a traditional Dim Sum lunch at The City Hall. Huge busy room with little old ladies going around with their trolleys. Just point at what you want then hope that it tastes OK. With us not knowing what we were ordering until we tried it and Paula not eating meat I ended up having quite a lot ;-)