A Salsa Holiday in Catalonia - 2004

17th to 24th May 2004

A week's 'Salsa Holiday' in Catalonia with Paula the girlfriend at the time. I'm always up for a holiday but as you can imagine the Salsa part wasn't my choice. There quite a lot of Salsa but we did go out and explore the area too. We went into Tarragona for a look around, some lovely sea-food, a bit of history and some great photo opportunities.

In Catalonia there's a tradition of building human pyramids and each year there's a competition between three teams to build the tallest or sturdiest or something tower. It's believed to have originated from human towers which were built by dance groups at the end of 17th and 18th century. On the main street is the statue of the Casteller which is impressive would be great o see the actual competition.

Tarragona was once the greatest city of Roman Spain and there are quite a few ruins dotted around the town, the most impressive is the Amfiteatre Rom. The Roman Amphitheater is right down by the sea at the end of the Rambla Nova, Torragona's main street. The Roman amphitheatre dates from the 2nd century when thousands assemble there. Nearly 2000 years old I doubt that Wembley will look as impressive in 200 years time.