Travel Diary - La Manga 00, 01 and 02

In the early 2000s I took 3 trips to La Manga playing golf. We went in November or December and each year were very lucky with the weather.

Trips to La Manga involved a week of golf, sun and copious amounts of alcohol. Staying in the on site Hyatt Hotel, the only 5* hotel I've ever stayed in. Fantastic, chocolates on the pillow, the bed turned down at night, even a phone and speakers in the bathroom. And the breakfast is fantastic.

Nights spent in either Spikes Bar with a live band every night or in the Piano Bar, very cultured!

In theory the main reason for the trips was the golf. A Championship courses, perfectly manicured and constantly tended. 3 courses in total North, South and West, all fantastic especially the North which is my favourite. I enjoyed playing all the courses each time I was there even though on a couple of early morning rounds I didn't sober up until well into the round. Above is the tee shot off the 18th on the West Course. You drive off the top of the hill onto the fairway down below.

On the 3rd trip in 2002 I went with Mike whose unorthodox grip and swing are shown below. A great trip, much fun was had and much damage was done to the liver. Although the trips were in either late November or December as you can see the weather was practically perfect. Blue skies most of the time with only the odd shower (usually whilst on the West Course to add to the English feel it already has).

The view down the 18th on the North Course I think.