Travel Diary - Alps 1994

11th May 1994 - Amsterdam to St Leonhard, Austria

We drove from Amsterdam ino the Alps arriving at night so I couldn't see where we had ended up.

12th May 1994 - St Leonhard

What a great feeling waking up and looking out the window the morning after arriving in the Alps. We're in an impressive valley, snow capped peaks either side of us and a glacier blocking off the end. I dropped the others off at the glacier and spend the day exploring. Drove up the next valley to 2750m. Hair-pin bend after hair-pin bend reminded me of watching the Tour-de-France on TV.

13th May 1994 - Ehrwald

Has Friday the 13th ever been better. Drove up to Ehrwald and took a look around and then walked up Ehrwald Alm, following the cable car route. About an hour of hard walking, invigorating. The views were amazing and air so fresh. Spent abot an hour lying in the sun without a care in the world. Drove back across Fernpas and walked around Fernsel. Then stopped in Imst on the way back to the chalet. An old Tyrolian Town beautiful and very Catholic. Most buildings have some sort of painting on them, Christ on the Crucifix everywhere, it all looked so beautiful and decorative.

14th May 1994 - Innsbruck

Across to Innsbruck for the day, or that was the plan anyway. FA Cup final day thought I'd have a look around and then find somewhere showing the game. But Innsbruck along with the rest of Austria and Germany so I'm cold closes at lunchtime on a Saturday. Went to the Alpenzoo which is above Innsbruck, a great view of Innsbruck and the surrounding area. Not wholly in favour of zoos but I do think the conservation work they do outweighs the keeping of animals in captivity. The Alpenzoo only contains animals native to The Alps. Highlights were the two bears, the moose, lynx and wolves. Also the aquarium, it looked like most of the Alpen fish are similar to those found in Britain.

15th May 1994 - Amsterdam

Headed back to Amsterdam