A long week-end in Denmark - 1993

19th May 1993 - Amsterdam to Kiel

Driving across Holland and Germany at night in the pouring rain. A great start to the holiday. Arrived safe and sound with a large chunk of the drive to Denmark done.

20th May 1993 - Legoland

A day at Legoland. It's great to be a kid for the day. It really is the whole world in miniature, so intricate and detailed. Jutland though is deserted. Had real trouble finding a restaurant open after 8pm, seems more old-fashioned than Devon.

21st May 1993 - Copenhagen

Over to Copenhagen using the seemingly very efficient ferry service. There was a bridge under-construction which I'm sure will make the journey even quicker in the future. (It opened in 1998.) Copenhagen seems like a cross between Amsterdam and London. Quite quiet, beer on sale from vans on every corner, the national food seems to be Polse a sort of hot dog. Spent the evening in the Tivoli Gardens. A big open park full of attractions. Very impressive, rides, concerts, light shows.

22nd May 1993 - Copenhagen to Lubeck

Touristy day in Copenhagen. Did the canal trip, saw the little mermaid and it really is little, I had imagined a much bigger statue. The other thing about Copenhagen is that it seems to be really into Metal. Metal, Beer and Hot Dogs my kinda town.

Ferry to Lubeck and a night in the Ratskeller. Everything I think of in a German pub. The bar in the basement under the Town Hall. Brews its own beer and a great atmosphere. A guy on a Casio keyboard playing old tunes and everyone singing along. A lot of war songs! Obviously not the words that we know. Especially Hitler has only got one ball.

23rd May 1993 - Amsterdam

Headed back to Amsterdam