Living in Amsterdam 1992-1995

11th September 1992 - 20th May 1994

Nearly 3 years working and playing in Amsterdam. Quite an adventure, I've never even been abroad before (unless you count a holiday in South Wales), I had to get a passport in order to go. After 9 months working in Farnborough I was bored so when the chance of being sent over to Amsterdam to work on a project there came up I jumped at it.

The typical Amsterdam shot. A canal, canal houses, house boats and a lever bridge. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, great to walk or cycle around.

Queens day in Amsterdam. The Queen's Birthday is a huge day and I mean the full day. Running from mid-night to mid-night the whole city turns into a big orange flea market. Everyone empties their attic onto the pavement in front of their house. Beer carts everywhere, people everywhere, parties on boats, bands on every corner. Great fun.

In Amsterdam it gets cold. One year the canals froze and people were skating around town ducking under each bridge. This is the ice rink on Leidesplein the area where we usually drank, Berties, Rumors and Black and White.

The Red Light Area. A lot of fun watching the tourists, drinking in the bars and window shopping. ;-)